Bench In The Grass | David Krchelich

This pair of sophisticated benches works beautifully side-by-side overlooking the Glimmerglass grounds. From their mountainside perch, playing off elements in the natural setting, the shapes suggest musical notations. Their curvilinear backs echo the shape of the rolling hills beyond the lake. They can also be sited facing each other, for a courtyard, or with their serpentine backs ascending at the ends, rather than in the middle as currently positioned. Designed and fabricated by an artist and master craftsman, they speak to his rich background in theater design and sculpture, and his interest in incorporating period styles. Their unexpected and delightful blend of materials and shapes — elegant backs of cast concrete, decorative punctuation marks of copper, simple wooden slats on tinted cement legs — are also “just plain fun!” noted the artist.

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin at Stout with a concentration in sculpture, Krchelich (pronounced Ker-che-lich) furthered his training by combining sculpture and lighting in the theater arts. He practiced this multidisciplinary approach in Minneapolis, MN (1972–1985) where his many theater and dance collaborations were performed. His own production studio, DK Studios, collaborated on visual design with authors and playwrights presenting new work to the public. In 1985 he moved to New York City and continued working in the arts, opening a small art gallery in the East Village. Subsequently he became involved in construction and interior design. In 1988 he moved to upstate New York and found Otsego County an exciting and vibrant place to settle. He has become involved with local theater and community arts, and developed a new stage and lighting system for The West Kortright Centre, for example. He also worked as an independent choreographer and freelance technical director at Hartwick College. He has constructed a workshop for custom cabinetry; his business, Interior Services, specializes in handcrafted woodwork and interior renovations with an emphasis on period design.

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