Flight Patterns | George Peters & Melanie Walker, Airworks Studio

Colorful & varied in patterns, the banners are breathtakingly magnificent in breezes with light shining through them. Designed for Glimmerglass by Airworks Studio out of Boulder, CO, they were installed on 16’ wind vanes outdoors for six weeks starting in May, to herald the 2014 season and pivot kinetically along the sweep of the entry walk.
For the final month of season, they are installed in interior spaces – five each in the Pavilion and at the entrance of the Alice Busch Opera Theater— for more intimate viewing. No two are alike. 
The artists recommend that the banners be raised for special occasions. To preserve longevity, they should be taken down when not in celebratory mode, to avoid overexposure to UV and high winds. Simple instructions are provided for straightforward hoisting & removal.