Reflections | Katarina Isaksson

Ms. Isaksson is known for her inventive even elegant use of industrial materials in natural settings. Light dances on the surface of this bench and on the glittering facets of numerous shards of shattered glass, safely and dramatically encased between sheets of tempered glass (top) and steel (underneath)—the bench seat. The striking and handsome bench-ends reference ancient symbols found in most cultures, spirals in rock carvings and paintings, design elements in Meso-American art, the labyrinth and the iconic Greek key symbol etc., as well as more recent elements of garden design. It speaks to Ms. Isaksson’s ongoing investigation and use of culturally significant symbols found throughout the history of art.

Recent public art commissions include Contemplating Sisyphus, 2010, on view in the Griffiss International Sculpture Garden in Rome, NY, and a downtown Utica permanent installation sponsored by NBT Bank. She has been reviewed in numerous periodicals including Sculpture Magazine, and The New York Times. A steel and glass dining room installation she created for the founder of PS1 was featured in Elle Décor. International artist Franz West figures among her collaborators. She presently lives and works in upstate New York, and teaches art at Hunter College. Ms. Isaksson’s work plays on and makes references to both industrial and natural materials, forms, patterns and structures, as well as to significant periods in the history of art. 

Katarina Isaksson was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and educated in Sweden and the US. She received her BFA from University of Miami, FL, and her MFA from Hunter College, New York City. She has been making and exhibiting her sculpture for 30 years, and her work is represented in numerous private and public collections.

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