Split Rail Bench From Flood Reclaimed Fence | James Gregg Herman

The cherry wood used in this elegantly minimalist art bench was reclaimed from the 2013 Otego Creek flood.

“The flood washed away 100 feet of my split rail fence,” noted Mr. Herman, long-time NYC resident who had only recently moved upstate fulltime. “I hauled the posts and rails out of the swamp and dried them. The rails for this bench were selected for square dimensions. Only a very few rails were of usable configurations. The long chamfered rail ends taken out of their fence context were more interesting than I expected. They became the theme of this split rail bench.” 

The rails, cross members and feet are cherry wood. The surface treatment protects the bench for outdoor conditions, although it is always recommended to store indoors during the winter. Easily moved at 90 lbs.

James Herman is a visual artist whose practice encompasses fine art and design. Mr. Herman’s work is in numerous private and corporate collections. He has exhibited his paintings and sculpture in New York City and Europe. His patented Champagne Stool design has been reviewed in The New York Times. After growing up in Saint Joseph, Missouri, Mr. Herman studied at the San Francisco Art Institute. He received an MFA degree in painting in 1972 from the University of Oregon. Mr. Herman taught painting, drawing and sculpture at Missouri Western State University. He moved into his studio in lower Manhattan, NY in 1974. While in NYC he worked on projects for a number of clients including painter Malcolm Morley and architect Robert A. M. Stern. He maintained his art practice there until 2010 when he relocated his studio to Hartwick, NY.


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