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The Glimmerglass Festival employs more than 350 people in the course of a single season. The core of the company is about 20 full-time, year-round staff members, amplified by seasonal staff and interns leading up to and including the summer Festival. 

Check back as new listings may be posted. All listings will remain posted until filled.

Full-time Positions

Seasonal Positions



full-time positions

Managing Director
Production Coordinator

Job Title: Managing Director
Department: Management
Reports to: Board of Trustees and General Director
Supervises: All departments and employees therein
Salary:  Negotiable
Start Date: As soon as possible

Position Description:
The Managing Director oversees the departments of finance, marketing, development, planning, general administration and human resources. The Managing Director reports to the Board of Directors and the General Director and is responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of the Glimmerglass Festival’s operations and budget.


  • Communicate with Trustees to keep them informed on the Festival’s operations and needs
  • Regular communication with Board Chair, President and Treasurer
  • Attend all full Board and Board committee meetings
  • For the following committees, coordinate meeting agendas with committee chairs and prepare requisite support materials:
    • Executive Committee
    • Finance Committee
    • Real Estate Committee


  • Ensure that the Festival’s procedures and policies are adhered to
  • Ensure that personnel records are maintained
  • With the Director of Administration and Operations, determine personnel policy decisions
  • With Director of Administration and Operations and Director of Finance review and sign employee Wage & Notification forms
  • Negotiate and sign all organization contracts that will have financial or other liability implications for the organization
  • Determine employee salaries including any increases based on performance and affordability
  • Supervise hire/termination process
  • Conduct yearly employee evaluations for support staff and specific department heads


  • Develop and monitor full company annual budget in consultation with Artistic and General Director and staff
  • The Managing Director is familiar with all budget categories and is closely involved with planning and budgets for subsequent years
  • In compliance with Internal Control policies:
    • Approve all organization expenses to ensure they fall within budget guidelines
    • Approve weekly cash expenses
    • Approve organization 403(b) contributions
    • Signatory for organization checks
    • Signatory for Forms 900 and Char500
  • Organization representative to outside financial institutions
    • KeyBank
    • Investment institutions
  • With Finance Director, monitor cash flow, including management of Line of Credit; works with the Treasurer to make sure they are fully informed
  • With Investment Committee, monitor investments including management of investment accounts


  • Organization liaison with Glimmerglass Festival Orchestra
  • Supervise Personnel Manager
  • With Company Manager, coordinate orchestra schedule with master calendar
  • With Music Director, coordinate all orchestra player requests
  • Organization representative to Electronic Media Association


  • In conjunction with the Director of Administration and Operations, oversee facility rentals (i.e. Pavilion, Theater, grounds), negotiate fees, initiate contracts, coordinate with contractors, and provide site supervision at events
  • Oversee all aspects of the concessions operation (both front of house and at events), gift shop (including staffing, purchasing, merchandising, inventory control, daily deposits, income projections), and the front of house operations (including parking, security, box office, house management, maintenance).


  • Collaborate with the Board and staff on capital planning issues, including five-year financial model for presentation to board in support of a capital campaign
  • In conjunction with the Director of Administration & Operations, oversee the Facilities Supervisor to maintain the look, function and safety of all company facilities
  • Work with the Director of Production, Director of Housing and Transportation, and Facilities Supervisor as they identify capital needs


  • Identify and engage advertising agency
  • In conjunction with the GD, Director of PR, and Marketing Director and Box Office Manager, develop marketing plan with advertising agency
  • Coordinate all company brochures
  • Oversee the implementation of the marketing schedule

Box Office

  • Oversee Ticket Office operations, including administering the computerized ticketing system

Joint Responsibilities with Artistic Director

  • The Managing Director and the Artistic & General Director are charged with working in close cooperation to build, nurture and sustain the company to achieve its Mission.
  • They will work together to achieve optimal annual budget performance and to ensure the financial integrity and stability of the institution.
  • They will oversee all strategies and policy decisions that would impact internal and public perception of the company.
  • The Directors will maintain close ties to the industry in order to assess current trends, harness timely opportunities, and stay abreast of issues that directly impact Glimmerglass Festival.
  • They both report directly to the Board of Trustees, and both provide guidance to the Board.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Senior Management experience in the field of opera, theater, or culture
  • Ability to work with a volunteer Board of Directors
  • Track record of successful recruitment and supervision of staff
  • Experience in the development and management of budgets
  • Knowledge of marketing, artistic operations, educational programming and good strategic problem solving
  • Training in opera/music and/or arts management is desirable
  • College degree
  • Willingness to live in Cooperstown; the job requires frequent trips to NYC, but must be based in Cooperstown
  • Ideally job will begin before the summer 2015

Cover letters, resumes and professional references should be submitted to

Job Title: Production Coordinator
Department: Production
Reports To: Director of Production
Supervises: Production Administrative staff

Position Description:

This is a full-time, year-round position which provides support in all aspects of production administration.


  • Assist with budgeting, payroll, cost control, accounts payable, credit card reconciliations and expense reimbursement;
  • Coordinate recruitment, application and contract procedures for interns and seasonal employees. Coordinate and administer casual employee/over-hire staffing;
  • Work with finance staff and outside payroll service to generate and submit payroll and time sheets for all production personnel, seasonal and over-hire employees;
  • Assist with creation and maintenance of production calendars.
  • Responsible for recruiting, training and supervising the production administrative staff;
  • Assist with the Health and Safety Program and drafting orientation materials;
  • Facilitate effective communication and the flow of information within the production department and with other departments;
  • Create and sustain vendor relationships;
  • Coordinate set/costume rentals. Maintain rental information, communicate with potential rental companies, administer contracts, oversee transit logistics;
  • Attends technical rehearsals and production meetings on an as-needed basis;

Preferred Qualifications/Experience:

  • 5 years experience working in a professional theater;
  • Knowledge of all aspects of production;
  • Excellent computer, accounting and mathematical skills; MS Office (Outlook, Word, Excel, Access).
  • Excellent problem-solving skills;
  • Well-developed communication skills;

To apply, please submit a cover letter, resume and professional references to


seasonal positions

Costume Crafts Manager – The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for 2015 repertory season of four new productions designed by Jennifer Moeller, James Schuette, Beth Goldenberg, Sara Jean Tosetti and Kaye Voyce.  Must have experience in artistically demanding environment, excellent knowledge of costume craft techniques and resources; ability to solve multiple tasks efficiently, work in a team-oriented atmosphere; execute budgets and time management all in collaboration with Costume Director and other Costume and Wardrobe Department Staff.  Professional experience required.  Commitment to safe shop practices essential.  Employment from May 5, 2015 through July 25, 2015; housing provided, own car recommended.  Portfolio, letter and resume (including reference contact info) by February 1. Portfolio should also be uploaded or your website listed on your resume. Click here to apply.

Drapers – The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for 2015 repertory season of four new productions. Lead a team in the creation and alterations of a wide range of costumes (two positions available).  Professional experience is necessary.  Employment from mid-May through mid to late July. Housing provided, own car recommended but not required.  Click here to submit cover letter and resume (including reference contact information) as one PDF. Portfolio should also be uploaded or your website listed on your resume.

Lead Rigger - The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for the 2015 repertory season. Responsible for all rigging design, installation, inspection, and maintenance for a four production repertory season. AutoCAD experience required. ETCP Theater Certified preferred. Strong knowledge of counterweight rigging, chain motors, and spot rigging. Strong organizational & management skills.  Employment late April or early May to late August; bi-weekly salary; housing provided; own car recommended.  Click here to submit cover letter and resume (including reference contact information) as one PDF. Portfolio may also be uploaded.

PROPERTIES ARTISANS- The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for the 2015 repertory season of four new productions designed by Troy Hourie, James Schuette, John Conklin, and James Noone.  Applicants must have solid skills in at least one of the following areas: carpentry, metal fabrication, crafts, soft goods skills, gadgetry.  Strong skills in more than one area is preferred. Professional experience with major designers and directors in artistically demanding circumstances required.  Commitment to safe work habits and shop practices is essential.  Employment from May 4, 2015 to July 19, 2015, competitive salary; housing provided.  Click here to submit cover letter, resume, and references as one PDF. Portfolio should also be uploaded or your website listed on your resume.

Residence Manager - The Glimmerglass Festival seeks a Residence Manager for 2015 Festival Season. Job responsibilities involve basic supervision of 67-unit company-owned housing complex, including assistance with lockouts, facilitating equipment checkout, assisting with transportation and ensuring housing policies are enforced. The ideal candidate is responsible, interested in company management and enjoys interacting with young adults. Valid driver’s license and clean driving record required. There is ample opportunity to attend performances, participate in company activities, and explore other areas of interest within the company. Applicant must be available mid-May to late August. Click here to submit cover letter and resume (including reference contact information) as one PDF.

Safety Coordinator – The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for the 2015 repertory season.  Work with Directors of Production and Administration to maintain Health and Safety program; administer all training for new and returning employees; schedule and coordinate safety workshops; maintain MSDS log, workers’ compensation and OSHA paperwork; administer basic first aid to staff and patrons; manage safety equipment and supply inventory. Applicants should be familiar with production day-to-day operations and workplace safety procedures.  Must have driver’s license with a clean driving record.  Employment from early May through August 29; housing provided; own car recommended. Click here to submit cover letter and resume (including reference contact information) as one PDF.

VIDEOGRAPHER (seasonal in-house, entry-level position) - The Videographer will create video and audio projects for promotional, archival and educational purposes both on-and off-line with company-owned equipment. Video may range from archival and documentary to commercial-style. Responsibilities include video-taping, editing and creatively producing finished video products. Requires knowledge of Final Cut Pro and exporting for the web and DVD; requires a high degree of professionalism, strong independent work-ethic, excellent communication skills, punctuality and a positive attitude. Driver’s license with clean driving record required. Must be available mid-June through August 23. Housing available. Click here to submit cover letter, resume with three references, and a link to a portfolio.

Wardrobe Manager - The Glimmerglass Festival invites applications for 2015 repertory season of four new productions.  Hire and supervise a crew consisting of Assistant Wardrobe Managers, Staff, and Interns. Provide crew supervision, costume maintenance and paperwork including archive information; oversee the supervision and running of four productions; assist in Costume Shop/Crafts Shop during preproduction as needed.  Oversee wardrobe budget.  Ability to work efficiently and pleasantly with demanding artists is essential.  Management experience required.  Employment from June 1, 2015 through August 29, 2015; housing provided; own car recommended. Click here to submit cover letter and resume (including reference contact information) as one PDF.

Updated January 27, 2015

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