Production Internships

Production internships are available in many departments, including stage operations, costumes, electrics, hair and makeup and more.

Audio/Video Engineering 2 positions. May 23 - Aug 31. Assist with installation, use and maintenance of in-house audio & video monitoring/playback systems, a large wired and wireless intercom system and a computer-controlled projection system for projected titles. Requires experience with sound, video, intercom and computer systems. 

Carpentry/Rigging 2 positions. May 5 - July 31. Assist carpentry and rigging staff with construction and modifications to scenery; installation of rigging systems for scenery and lighting equipment; load-ins and some changeovers.  No run crew. Requires the ability to read drawings, good stage carpentry skills and basic knowledge of single purchase counterweight systems. MIG welding experience required.

Costume Crafts 2 positions. May 23 - July 31. Assist with craft work including dyeing, distressing, millinery and footwear of costumes for four productions. Requires theatrical sewing skills and skill in one or more crafts areas. Portfolio required.

Costume Shopper 1 position. May 16 - July 31. Assist designers and management with shopping and tracking of purchases. Some shop work as required. Valid driver’s license with clean record required. 

Costume Shop Intern 1 position. May 23 - July 31. Assist Costume Shop Floor Manager with rehearsal requests for 4 shows, online shopping, returns and tracking of purchases for shop, distribution of information. Some shop work as required. Valid driver’s license with clean record required.

Costume Stitcher 4 positions. May-August (Dates Vary). Assist with construction and/or alteration of costumes for four productions. Requires theatrical sewing skills and academic shop experience. Portfolio required.

Electrics 5 positions. May 30 – September 3. Assist with installing, circuiting and focusing 500+ unit plot; perform daily changeovers; run productions; and strike. Requires thorough experience with stage electrics. This is a large crew and a team-oriented attitude is essential.

Events 2 positions. June 13 – August 31. Assist with all aspects events management including venue design, setup, and operation.  The position includes significant involvement with the production of events hosted in various venues.

Hair & Makeup 2 positions. June 6 - Aug 28. Assist with daily maintenance of wigs; pre-performance application of make-up, wigs and hairstyling for singers; and backstage quick changes. Ventilating experience necessary, and a congenial and artist-oriented personality is essential.  Portfolio required

Lighting Supervision 1 position.  May 30 – September 3.  Will work closely with the Lighting Supervisors and Lighting Director to document, archive, and maintain 2 of 4 operas in repertory. In addition, will act as the second assistant on 2 operas. Must be familiar with Vectorworks, Lightwright, Microsoft excel, and basic electrician knowledge.

Production Administration 1 position. May 9 – September 3. Assist production management and production department heads with office routines, scheduling, shopping, purchasing and budget tracking and staff support including safety program implementation and crew meals. Requires organizational, communication and interpersonal skills; basic knowledge of production procedures and terminology; computer literacy; and valid driver’s license with a clean driving record.

Scene Design1 position. May 16 – August 14. Assist scenic designers during technical rehearsal process with notes, research and drafting. Also assist in prop or paint shop as needed. Requires attention to detail and the ability to work as part of a collaborative team. Photoshop skills are desirable. Portfolio required.

Scenic Painting 1 position. May 16 – August 10. Assist with scenery, prop painting and touch-ups. A strong foundation in drawing, layout, mixing and scenic craft skills is required. No run crew.  Portfolio required.

Properties 1 position. May 9 - July 31. Assist with construction and procurement of props for four mainstage productions and other events. Basic woodworking skills are required as well, as skills in one or more of the following areas: sewing, sculpting, painting or metal working.  No run crew.

Stage Management 2 positions.  Mid May – August 27.  Assist stage managers with prep and running rehearsals and some performances; stage manage rehearsals and performances for ancillary.  Requires organizational, communication and interpersonal skills, ability to read music, and basic academic in stage management.

Stage Operations 7 positions. Mid May – September 3. Install repertory scenery; run deck, rail and properties; perform daily scenery changeovers; build, install and maintain rehearsal scenery and properties; and strike scenery at the end of the season. The position requires a basic familiarity with stage procedures and is an excellent introduction to most aspects of production. This is a large crew and a team-oriented attitude is essential.

Technical Direction 1 position.  May 9 – September 3. Assist Technical Director with supervision of technical rehearsals, scenery load-in and changeovers.  Create installation drawings and update ground plans. Assist in carpentry shop as needed. Good problem solving skills and basic AutoCAD skills required. 

Wardrobe 6 positions. June 13 – September 3. Assist in maintaining large repertory costume inventory, dressing principals and chorus, and backstage quick changes. Interns also are given the opportunity to work in costume shop and/or crafts shop for the first weeks of the contract period and need basic theatrical sewing skills. A congenial and artist-oriented personality is essential.        

Updated January 12, 2016

Read the blog Intern Insights, where 2013 carpentry/rigging intern Emmet writes about his Glimmerglass internship experience.

Application Deadline:

March 4, 2016

Early response is encouraged. Some positions are filled as early as January. Applications will be considered until all positions are filled.