Production Rental Information

Puccini's madame butterfly

Opened at The Glimmerglass Festival, Cooperstown, NY on July 11, 2014

Set Designer
Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Projected Titles Translation
Hair and Makeup Designer
Stage Manager


Joseph Colaneri
Francesca Zambello
Michael Yeargan
Anita Yavich*
Robert Wierzel
Kelley Rourke
Elsen Associates, Inc.
Cody Symanietz

Principals: 3w, 8m
Male Chorus: 10
Female Chorus: 10
Children's Chorus: None
Dancers: None
Supers: 3w, 2m, 6 children
Animals: None

*Rental from San Diego Opera

Scenery Information

Built by: The Glimmerglass Festival
Minimum Width: 70'-6"
Minimum Depth: 40'-0"
Line sets used for show scenery*: 17
Height of tallest hanger: 30'-0"
Width of widest hanger: 60'-0" (Consulate Scrim)
Stock items used: Masking, RP, stock platforms
Number of trailers needed: 1

Prop Information

Built by: The Glimmerglass Festival
Number of road boxes with sizes:
Additional items outside of road boxes:

Costume Information

Built by: rental from San Diego Opera

Audio/Special Effects

Recorded sound cues: Yes
Disc Available: Yes
**Additional royalty required for use of sound effects.

projected titles information

Available in PowerPoint digital format
**Additional royalty requited for use of titles

Crew Requirements

Load-in:   Run Crew:  
Deck  12 Deck  4
Rail  2 Rail  4
Props  2 Props  1
Wardrobe  8 Wardrobe  8

Diane Feller
(607) 547-0700 ext. 225