The Crucible

July 23 - August 27, 2016

Arthur Miller's chilling dramatization of the Salem witch trials (an allegory of McCarthyism), is the basis for Robert Ward's Pulitzer Prize-winning opera.

"The mass hysteria that culminated in the Salem witch trials was not, unfortunately, an aberration. Throughout history we have seen how, in a climate of fear and mistrust, innuendo can take on the force of fact, resulting in the persecution of innocent people. Arthur Miller dramatized the 17th-century trials when he saw history repeating itself during the ‘Red Scare’ of the 1950s. It is not a pretty story, but it’s an important one – I think it’s important for us to remind ourselves that an accumulation of seemingly minor words and actions can take society to a point of no return." -- Francesca Zambello, director

Presented in English with projected English text.

This production is made possible by a generous grant from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.


saturday 23
sunday 31m

m = matinee


tuesday 02m
friday 05
monday 08m
sunday 14m
thursday 18
saturday 20m
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This opera will be broadcast on November 12 on New York City’s classical music station 105.9 WQXR, at, and distributed nationally by the WFMT Radio Network, at


Conductor Nicole Paiement
Director Francesca Zambello
Sets Neil Patel
Costumes Jessica Jahn
Lighting Mark McCullough
Hair & Makeup J. Jared Janas & Dave Bova
Projected Titles Kelley Rourke

Reverend John Hale David Pittsinger
John Proctor
Brian Mulligan
Abigail Williams
Ariana Wehr*
Elizabeth Proctor Jamie Barton
Reverend Samuel Parris Frederick Ballentine*
Tituba Zoie Reams*
Ann Putnam Gabriella H. Sam*
Thomas Putnam Michael Miller*
Rebecca Nurse Helena Brown*
Mary Warren Maren Weinberger*
Judge Danforth Jay Hunter Morris
Giles Corey Chaz'men Williams-Ali*
Betty Parris Mary Beth Nelson*
Francis Nurse Zachary Owen*
Ezekiel Cheever Ian Koziara*
Sarah Good Meroë Khalia Adeeb*
Ruth Putnam Emma Grimsley*
Susanna Walcott Molly Jane Hill*

*Young Artist