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 All Glimmerglass Opera employees, with the exception of orchestra members, are provided housing during their summer stay. Solidifying living spaces for close to 250 people is no small task. Glimmerglass has a Housing & Transportation Department (Director of Housing & Transportation Dianne Ciano and Housing & Transportation Manager Rose Wheeldon) that works diligently year-round to assure everyone arrives safely and has welcoming housing while in the area.

During the 2009 Festival, Glimmerglass provided housing for 242 employees, including guest artists, conductors, directors, designers, production and music staff, Young American Artists and interns. Glimmerglass Opera leased 74 privately-owned area properties for 91 staff members, and 131 staff members stayed in company-owned residences located in Richfield Springs, Springfield and Cherry Valley.

At the end of the season, the Housing & Transportation Department (otherwise known as H&T) begins the process of returning possession of leased properties back to respective owners and winterizing company-owned units. This includes conducting a final inspection of all premises to assess and resolve any condition or damage issues, disconnecting or suspending phone and internet services, and determining what leased properties used in 2009 will be available for lease in 2010. Repairs to company-owned properties are prioritized and scheduled for completion between seasons.

Glimmerglass owns a fleet of 15 vans, trucks and passenger vehicles for company use. With the exclusion of a van, car and truck used to plow snow (all too often), all vehicles are rotated off the road and placed in winter storage at the company’s warehouse in Warren, New York, (where production rentals are also housed). Come spring, the fleet vehicles are placed back into service as needed.

As soon as the 2009 season ends, H&T starts contacting guest artists and other staff members as they are contracted, to offer suitable housing options for 2010. Never a slow moment at Glimmerglass Opera.

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  1. I wish to make my summer home available for the 2015 season to your employee(s). My home is located in Roseboom (Cherry Valley) and is 7 years old. Includes all utilities.
    Please advise me of your needs asap.

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