We are in the midst of celebrating Volunteer Appreciation Week. The Glimmerglass Festival has many volunteers – more than 200 – who assist the company in many ways, from ushering at the theater to distributing picnics and transporting artists. Last year alone, the Glimmerglass Opera Guild, the corps of volunteers, reported 3,841 volunteer hours.

The company would not be what it is without the support of the Guild. Every year, the company presents a Volunteer of the Year and Usher of the Year award for tremendous dedication and support of Glimmerglass.   In 2011, the recipients were Don & Sue Drake for their years of commitment to the company. Here is the list of past recipients. Thank you, volunteers!

1987       MaryEllen & Donald Fenner

1988       Doris Shields

1989       Mary Dunkle

1989       Gwendolyn & Ferdinand Ermlich

1989       Doris Shields

1989       Virginia & Harry Pence

1990       Elizabeth Flavin

1991       William McColl

1991       Karin & David Svahn

1992       Doris Shields

1993       Donna & David Farquhar

1994       Mona Harris

1995       Lona Smith

1995       John T. Manion (Rookie of the Year)

1996       Birgit & Kelly Campbell

1996       Gail Baden (Rookie of the Year)

1997       Dennis Banks

1998       Harriett & Richard Johnson

1999       Lori Higgins

2000       Jacqueline Dann

2001       Charles (Jud) Pannaci

2002       Abby Kreh Gibson

2003       Ernie Adams

2004       Carol Robbins

2004       Sarah Baden

2005       MaryEllen & Donald Fenner

2006       Abby Kreh Gibson

2007       Jean Lyon

2008       Mary Dunkle

2009       Thomas Simpson

2010       Simon Carr-Ellison

2011       Don & Sue Drake

               Photo: Karli Cadel

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