Thank you to everyone who came out to our 2017 Gala: Handel to Hip Hop! The Wednesday night event took place at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan and raised funds for our Young Artist and Summer Internship programs.

KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6852KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6811KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7284KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7514KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6956 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7028KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7495KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7819 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7880 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7753 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6763 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7711

KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7741 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6786 KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-6740KarliCadel-GGF-2017Gala-7686All photos by Karli Cadel

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