Berlin's Annie Get Your Gun


When Buffalo Bill's Wild West show visits Cincinnati, Frank Butler, the show's star, offers to participate in a shooting match with the locality’s best marksman. A young country girl named Annie Oakley proves a worthy opponent despite the fact that she is instantly smitten by the handsome star. After her fine shooting performance she is invited to join Buffalo Bill’s troupe. Between shows she endeavors to make herself over into the kind of lady described by Frank as his ideal bride. A romance ensues between the two, but when Annie surprises Frank with a new shooting trick, expecting him to react with pride and a marriage proposal, he walks out on both Annie and the show, joining rival impresario Pawnee Bill.

Buffalo Bill tours Europe with Annie as his headliner, but the show goes broke, as does Pawnee Bill's show with Frank. Buffalo Bill and Pawnee Bill plot a merger of the two companies, each assuming the other has money. They meet at a grand reception where they soon discover both companies are insolvent. Annie, however, has received medals from all the rulers of Europe, and she decides to sell the medals to finance the merger. Shortly afterward, Frank appears, and he and Annie confess their love and decide to marry. When Annie shows Frank her medals, Frank’s pride is hurt once again, and the merger and the wedding are called off. They agree to a climactic, last shooting duel to restore Frank’s bruised ego and resolve their personal and professional issues.