Meet Me at the Pavilion

Meet Me at the Pavilion

Thaw Pavilion
$10/$5 for youths (18 and younger).

New in 2011 – Experience Glimmerglass for the price of a movie ticket. Join us in the Thaw Pavilion for a series of special performances by members of the Young Artists Program, soprano Deborah Voigt, baritone Rod Gilfry and acclaimed composer and pianist John Musto with soprano Amy Burton. 

Check the season calendar for performance dates and times. Call the Box Office for tickets.  

Manhattan with a (French) Twist

John Musto+Amy Burton

July 8, August 7 and 13
Soprano Amy Burton and composer-pianist John Musto bring you songs of Paris and New York from their acclaimed cabaret show.

The Unsung Songbook

July 18 and August 2
There’s no business like show business, and there’s no tunesmith like Irving Berlin.  Join us as we delve deep into the Great American Songbook and dust off some forgotten gems from Berlin and friends.

Libiamo!  A Celebration of Drinking Songs

July 22; August 4 and 15
Some of the great moments of the stage—from party scenes to poisonings—revolve around the consumption of liquids.  Come raise a glass with us!

Cowboys & Indians

July 28, August 22
These icons of early America have fascinated composers from Puccini to Porter, Britten to Berlin.  Saddle up for a wild ride through some thrilling and varied terrain.

My Heart is So Full of You 

July 31, August 11
Rod Gilfry is joined by his daughter, a member of the 2011 Young Artists Program, for a heartwarming, family-oriented show that includes classic songs from musical theater and jazz standards.

Mommie Dearest

August 8 and 21
Medea's approach to parenting makes "Tiger Mom" look tame by comparison. In this program, the Young Artists will explore some other memorable maternal figures from opera and musical theater.


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