Glimmerglass Street Team

Grassroots marketing takes our message to the people

As a Glimmerglass audience member, you know what the Glimmerglass experience truly is, and you are our best and most cherished ambassador. You can explain to friends, family and even strangers what a trip to Glimmerglass really means – something we can only attempt to convey in a brochure or through photographs.

Glimmerglass is working to reach new audiences, and your help is an integral part of this endeavor. Please consider joining the Glimmerglass Festival Street Team, a grassroots marketing effort.  It’s easiest to describe the concept behind a street team by breaking it down to basic definitions:               

Grassroots Marketing - marketing on a local and personal level

Street Team - a group of people that “hit the streets” to promote a company

By joining the Glimmerglass Street Team you will assist the company by spreading the word to people you believe would benefit from the Glimmerglass experience as you have.

When you join the Glimmerglass Festival Street Team you will receive a welcome package. Inside you will find copies of the company’s most recent brochure, pocket calendar and fliers. To show our appreciation for your efforts, Street Team members will receive exclusive benefits. There is no set time commitment or mandatory meetings. We just ask that you mention Glimmerglass in conversation, if the opportunity arises, and distribute the materials we send you. (And, if you run out of materials, we are more than happy to replenish your stock!) The Street Team is a geographically diverse initiative. You may join regardless of where you live - actually the farther Glimmerglass can spread, the better.

For more information, or to join the Glimmerglass Festival Street Team, e-mail