Five Ways to Gift Opera Tickets to Your Valentine

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Glimmerglass Opera partnered with Cooperstown’s Hoffman Lane Bistro to create Cupid’s Perfect Pair – a special discounted package for dinner and an opera. (Hoffman Lane offers an excellent creamy tomato basil soup and hangar steak salad  — my personal favorites, though they offer much more. )

To accompany Cupid’s Perfect Pair, we are presenting five unique ways to present the gift to your partner on Valentine’s Day.

Five ways to surprise your partner with Cupid’s Perfect Pair:

1) Breakfast in Bed: wake your partner by singing Carmen’s “La fleur que tu m’avais jetée,” Tosca’s “Recondita armonia” or Giulio Cesare’s “V’adoro pupille” – loudly.

2) Send them on a scavenger hunt, using operatic cues like “aria hungry?” to send them to the kitchen or “go to the counter—ten—er so–feet.”

3) Wear a Viking helmet to your candlelit dinner.

4) Speaking in a sexy Italian voice, invite your partner to a “Moonstruck” movie date.

5)Play a game of scrabble, only spelling opera-related words. Throw in a few doozies, like “sforzando” or “sitzprobe.” Place your gift in or near the dictionary, so your partner finds it when he/she challenges your play.

Let us know if you think of any other creative  ways to gift opera tickets on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Michael Sekus on said:

    Hi Brittany – Cute idea, hope you sell some gift tickets – every little bit helps. Number 1 definitely does not work for us. Me singing to Bianca loudly is unquestionable grounds for divorce!


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