During the festival season, our company swells to more than 300 people–orchestra members, box office staff, groundskeepers, stagehands and more. One of the many responsibilities of the Artistic Operations staff is to make sure performers feel at home. It’s a lot of work to rehearse and perform opera, so we want to keep our artists healthy and happy. Don Marrazzo, Allison Hooper and Eric Schnobrick, with the help of assorted seasonal staff and interns, do a great job of providing support for our artists, offstage and on. And normally, the rest of us are happy to stand back and let them do their job.

This season, however, everyone is vying to welcome a certain cast member of The Consul. J.C., affectionately known as “Conk,” rests in our Director of Production’s office when not in rehearsal, and never lacks for attention.000_0775

When I’m not in the theater, I’m in my garden. The chard is beginning to bolt, so I brought a bunch for the bunny yesterday. He seems to like it.

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