We’ve been throwing the term “strike” around in some of our recent online exchanges, and I’d like to apologize. Some concerned readers thought the use of “strike” meant we had a protest in effect! The word “strike,” in the theater world, refers to when the set, lights and costumes are dismantled, inventoried and either disposed of or stored for future use.

In Glimmerglass Opera’s case, much of the scenery and costumes are inventoried and packed for storage in our warehouse. Other opera companies have the opportunity to rent scenery and costumes from Glimmerglass Opera. You can see those available for rental here: www.glimmerglass.org/Productions/productionrentals.html.

The 2009 La Traviata is actually a co-production with Vancouver Opera. The scenery and costumes were packed and moved to our warehouse until 2011, when it will travel to Vancouver Opera. Check out this short clip to see as one of the walls is prepped for travel:

We will continue to be as diligent as possible about defining insider terms as they are used, but please do not hesitate to contact us in the future if another one slips by!

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