During my time in the public relations department at Glimmerglass Opera, I have had the opportunity to look at the headshots of many opera singers. Perhaps I haven’t seen quite as many as Don Marrazzo, our Director of Casting and Artistic Operations, but I have seen my share. It’s important for opera singers to remember that their headshot will be used for more than just casting scenarios. Once cast, the singer’s headshot is then used for publicity purposes – in programs, news articles, etc.  Here are a few ways opera singers can make life easier for an opera company’s public relations department (and ultimately themselves) when it comes to headshots:

  • It’s helpful for public relations and/or marketing departments at opera companies to have choices – perhaps a more formal headshot along with a casual shot. With options, I can choose your formal shot to promote you in a dramatic role, and vice versa.


  • Color images are preferred. I can always turn your image black and white.


  • If you have a website (which you should), please make high-resolution versions of your photographs immediately available – not only for opera company PR departments, but the media as well. I hope this would actually make your life easier as well. You won’t have to worry about getting your high-resolution image to a media source or PR department on a tight deadline – especially if you’re on the road.


  • Many opera singers have long careers. Keep your headshot updated! I know I don’t look the same as I did 20 years ago. Your headshot helps sell you as an artist. Make sure you’re selling the right product.

I recently posted headshots of some of the 2010 Festival artists on our website.  

Here are a few I’m a fan of:

Ms. Lindstrom sings the title role in our 2010 production of Tosca. She looks beautiful in this photo.

Lise Lindstrom sings the title role in our 2010 production of Tosca. She looks beautiful in this photo. I also found it very easily on her website.

Julie Boulianne - credit Dennis Kwan

Julie Boulianne will sing Elisa in 2010’s Tolomeo. Beautiful color shot. She is represented by IMGArtists, and I easily found this on their website. Also, she looks like this in person.




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