Photo: Jake JosefWe got our first glimpses of the set for our original production of Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman, directed by Francesca Zambello. Here, crew members are working on assembling the floor for the production on stage. It’s starting to resemble the deck of a sailing ship – perhaps that of the Dutchman! Meanwhile, boxes of silk and huge spools of rope arrived in the production department, as the crew prepared to raise the rigging.

Fun fact: this production will use nearly .5 miles of rope.

The ship sets sail on Opening Night, July 6, and runs through August 24.
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Photos: Jake Josef and Abby Rodd

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  1. This really looks exciting, the blood red ship and sails of the Dutchman will be great. I’m glad I have arraged to see this twice. Cesca, you and your team are doing great things at Glimmerglass.


  2. As a set designer (& having taught set design in three collges), I certainly wish I could see your production. I have had to build ships on stage in various productions. Always fun & challenging!

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