Thank you to everyone who came out to our 2016 Red Hot Gala! The Wednesday night event took place at the Metropolitan Club in Manhattan and raised funds for our Young Artist and Summer Internship programs.

See more photos here.

KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-057KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-015KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-069 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-072KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-038 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-040KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-043 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-044KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-074 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-068KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-009 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-006 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-003 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-002 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-001 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-025 KarliCadel-GGF-Gala-Blog-005All photos by Karli Cadel.

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