West Side Story | 2018 | Image by: Karli Cadel

You’ve got your low-profile folding chair. You’ve got your tickets, you’ve got your masks — you’re just not sure what to wear. Never fear! For your guide to Festival Fashion, look no further than our past productions.

Let’s start at top: layers, layers, layers. Opt for a breezy baselayer, then add a cardigan or jacket for those cool Cooperstown nights. For example, check out countertenor John Holiday as the title role in Xerxes — his robe is comfy, stylish…and has a loosely defined waist. You know, in case you fill up on Bocca Osteria or Mel’s at 22 before the show.

John Holiday looks upward wearing a bright and elaborate orange and gold coat.

Xerxes | 2017 | Photo: Karli Cadel. Costume design: Sara Jean Tosetti.

For the bottom, make sure you wear something appropriate for sitting outdoors. Take a hint from Tony (tenor Joseph Leppek) in West Side Story — he’s combining fashion and function with jeans on bottom, and tux on top.

Tony and Maria kneel in a pool of soft light, holding hands and facing the audience. Tony is wearing a tux jacket and jeans.

West Side Story | 2018 | Photo: Karli Cadel. Costume design: Jessica Jahn.

Now for the footgear. We’ll be walking on grass, and the grass will probably get wet.  Even though some of you may be divas like Musetta (soprano Vanessa Becerra), leave the stilettos at home, and stick to comfortable, water-resistant sandals, sneakers or boots.

Musetta puts her leg on a table and hikes up her dress, exposing her boot.

La boheme | 2016 | Photo: Karli Cadel. Costume design: Erik Teague.

Maybe the most important part of all: accessories to keep you comfortable and weather-proof! 

The Siege of Calais | 2017 | Photo: Karli Cadel. Costume design: Jessica Jahn.

Everyone wants to look as stylish as Isabella, Queen of England (soprano Helen Brown), and you can — as long as you keep it weather-friendly. You’ll want sunglasses, sunscreen, some not-smelly bugspray, and rain gear, if the forecast calls for it. Don’t forget your hat — check out tenor Andrew Stenson and baritone Mark Diamond in our production of The Tender Land for inspiration.

The Tender Land | 2010 | Photo: Claire McAdams. Costume design: Andrea Hood.

Of course, your crucial accessories are your mask — worn over the nose — and your open mind. Just like this is your first time experiencing opera under COVID-19 guidelines, this is Glimmerglass’ first time putting on an outdoor festival. We’re counting on you to help everything run smoothly! For now, stay looking good, good-looking.


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