Photo of Francesca Zambello; the viewer sees her back; she is sitting in a low-to-the-ground chair; to the right of her sits a silver labrador.

Glimmerglass is hosting a season on the Grass, you’ve got your tickets lined up for you and your loved ones in a Festival Square, and now only one thing remains — what low-profile chair will you bring to the show?

Low-profile chairs allow all patrons to enjoy clear sightlines at an outdoor performance. Buckle up, dear reader, because we’ve assembled the top five low-profile, portable, and knee-friendly chairs to have you relaxing in community-minded comfort this summer.

Nice Choice Low Beach Camping Chair, set of 2 for $89.99

an orange beach chair

With more than 3,200 reviews and a 4.5-star rating on Amazon, the Nice C Low Beach Camping Chair is a crowd favorite. The Nice C weighs just 6.1 lbs, and sits 7 inches above the ground, making this a great combination of lightweight and low-profile.

This is exactly what I wanted for the upcoming concert season,” a recent reviewer said. “It says the max weight is 300 pounds but I am 330 and it holds me fine. A+++ great price for 2 chairs! Highly recommend this product.”

GCI Outdoor Firepit Rocker, $64.99

a gray folding rocking chair

It’s the combination you never knew you needed: a folding rocking chair. Perfect for those who can’t resist moving to a tune, the Firepit Rocker clocks in with a seat height of 14.8 inches and a total weight of 12.1 lbs. It also has a cloth cupholder attached to the leg.

We saw these chairs at an outdoor concert and asked the owners about them,” a reviewer on Amazon said. “They were so nice and let us try them out right there on the spot. After my husband tried it, he said, ‘Get on Amazon Prime now and order these.’ We had them three days later. Love them! I wish I had a bunch. I’d sell them out of the back of my car.”

GCI Outdoor Slim-Fold Low-Height, $49.99

a blue folding chair with attached table

With a seat height of 12 inches and a weight of 11.6 lbs, the Slim-Fold is the Firepit Rocker’s little cousin. It even includes backpack straps for easy transport to your Glimmerglass Square! Boasting 4.5 stars on Amazon, the chair, crucially, has a small fold-out table with a cup holder so you can sip wine under the stars.

I attend outdoor concerts where only low folding chairs are allowed,” one reviewer said. “I am a large person who has difficulty getting up and down, so the folding chairs that are almost on the ground are too difficult for me to use. This one is wide enough to hold me comfortably, is just high enough that I can get up and down by using the arms to give myself leverage. It’s heavier than other portable chairs I have used but it’s the best one I have ever owned.”

REI Co-op Flexlite Camp DREAMER Chair, $99.95

a black folding chair with attached pillow

We know — a show at Glimmerglass means losing yourself in the music, and you want maximum comfort. Enter the Flexlite Camp DREAMER: with a seat height of 12.5 inches the DREAMER still sits low, but its added pillow and higher back give it more structure for those lengthy second acts. This da capo aria is going to go…da capo? No problem for you, because you’ve got a chair with a pillow.

This chair is AMAZING,” a reviewer stated. “I bought the Flexlite Boss but realized I like to lounge and have my head supported, and exchanged it for the Camp Dreamer chair. I carry this chair wherever I go, it’s a little pricey but worth it. I’m 220lbs, 6’2″, and this is perfect.”

The DREAMER is also an extremely portable option, weighing only 3lbs 7oz; however, what you gain in portability you lose in armrests — the DREAMER doesn’t have any.  If you value packing light more than armrests this is the chair for you.

GCI Outdoor Low-Ride Reclining Camping Chair, $40

a red reclining camping chair

And finally — if you want it all, if you want a pillow and armrests AND you want to recline, we suggest the GCI Outdoor Low-Ride Reclining Camping Chair.  It’s a bit heavier than the DREAMER, weighing 8lbs, but the extra gear might be worth it.  The Low-Ride rises 14.2 inches off the ground, reclines into three positions, and sits on “duck-feet” that distribute weight to keep the chair from sinking into wet grass — say, the Festival lawn after a summer rain. Extra bonus? Cupholder.

I love this chair,” a reviewer said. “I have gotten many compliments, and it makes my break time that much more enjoyable. It’s not like other chairs, and I intend to keep it until it dies.”

So there you have it! Five options for your low-profile summer seating. If you purchase from Amazon, be sure to shop AmazonSmile, and 0.5% of your purchase will support the Festival. And if you already have a low-profile chair, feel free to bring it along!  We recommend chairs with seat heights under 15 inches if possible. Most importantly, we realize all bodies are different, so please prioritize safety and comfort while keeping your neighbors on the lawn in mind. 

Now pull up a chair, grab a friend, and get excited for #GlimmerglassOnTheGrass.

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  1. I will admit I am disappointed that chairs over 12 inches is height are being allowed. I understand that we have a senior crowd (heck I’m 70 years young!), but I will not be happy if my square is facing the backs of chairs that are truly not low profile. I have Firepit Rockers that I love and are very comfortable, but I will not bring them to be considerate of others. We will sit in our 7 inch low profile, much like what Francesca appears to be seated on next to Rome!. That is a low profile!

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