Black Lives Matter

Glimmerglass stands with the Black community and against racism.

We acknowledge the Black community faces disproportionate racially-charged violence. We grieve the killing of Black citizens nationwide. We stand with the Black community in the fight against racism.

Our company has and continues to strive toward building a more inclusive opera industry through equity, diversity, and inclusion staff trainings, equitable hiring practices, and the uplifting of BIPOC artists and voices.

Thank you to our community for keeping us accountable as a company, and for continuing the conversation about allyship, representation, and inclusion in which the entire opera industry must engage.

Glimmerglass has received major support from Denise R. Sobel toward implementation of these initiatives. Sobel is also a key supporter of Roundabout Theater’s Theatrical Workforce Development Program.

Please feel free to contact us directly to continue the conversation.

Updated January 9th, 2024


Many support the movement through donations to anti-racist organizations and marching in solidarity. Many would like to donate and march, but lack disposable income or identify as high-risk for COVID-19. 

There are many types of support, and you can absolutely contribute to anti-racist work without financial cost or leaving your home. Glimmerglass staff members have compiled a list of anti-racist actions and resources, and will continue to update as the world, and arts industry, work toward a more just future.

If you have suggestions, please send them to

Additional Resources:
Document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020.

Updated January 9th, 2024

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