Name that ProductionStarting Monday, November 23, Glimmerglass Opera will offer a fun contest via Facebook: Name that Production.

On Mondays throughout the holiday season , we will post a photo of a past production on Glimmerglass Opera’s Facebook wall.

You will be asked to e-mail the answers to the questions below, and for every correct answer you will be entered in a drawing to win Glimmerglass Opera merchandise – T-shirts, CDs, libretti, books and more. A winner will be alerted each Friday.

Name of Production:

Year of Production:


Scenic Designer:

Costume Designer:

Lighting Designer:

Current year-round staff is excluded from this contest. If you participate, please be sure to let us know the best way to reach you in the e-mail with your answers. To refresh your memory, take a look at the list of Glimmerglass Opera’s past productions.

Good luck!

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