Beth LytwenicYou may remember Ilion native Beth Lytwynec from her time with us last summer as a 2013 Young Artist, covering the role of Mary in The Flying Dutchman and performing in concert with Eric Owens, as well as a special event with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. With degrees in vocal performance from Boston Conservatory, Beth has been performing roles such as Romeo in I Capuleti e i Montecchi, Jo March in Little Women, Mary in The Flying Dutchman and Flora in La traviata. This summer, she returns to the Young Artists Program to sing the role of Dryad in Ariadne in Naxos. Here is our Quick Q&A with her:

What has been your favorite role so far and why?
My favorite role so far is Romeo in I Capuleti because Shakespeare set so beautifully to music by Bellini is as good as it gets.

What is your dream role?
I don’t have a “dream role.” I enjoy fully delving in to whatever project I have the privilege of working on.

Is your family involved in the arts as well and how?
My family isn’t directly involved in making art, but they are all enthusiastic and very supportive. My sister was in a band once and plays the fiddle, piano, and some guitar. My brother plays the guitar as well. If all else fails, we could go on the road.

Are there any artists you feel particularly inspired by?
Lately, I’m inspired by a lot of different artists. I’m digging Justin Timberlake’s new record. He is a clever guy. Ella Fitzgerald rocks. In opera land, I’m always amazed by Troyanos and Risë Stevens. They inspire me to walk to the nearest practice room.

What do you sing or listen to for fun?
I love folk, bluegrass, Motown and jazz.

What are your interests or hobbies?
I’ve recently started practicing yoga, I hope to make it through March Madness with my voice still intact (Go Orange), and I’m taking up knitting so I can make clothes for my new niece or nephew who is on the way this summer!

If you hadn’t become a singer, you would have become:
Oh, maybe an author.

Any hidden talents?
I used to play soccer pretty well. That seems like another life!

One thing you can’t live without: Family.

Can you discuss your upcoming role in Ariadne in Naxos?
Richard Strauss is one of my very favorite composers. I have sung a scene from Ariadne auf Naxos before and have studied the role of the Composer. I’m thrilled to be singing Dryad and look forward to working with the ladies singing Echo and Naiad. The music written for these characters is virtuosic and soloistic, but it will be a group effort to create the kind of atmosphere called for in the scenes with Ariadne.

Why are you most looking forward to the 2014 Festival at Glimmerglass?
I’m thrilled to be returning to my home state this summer for another season with the Festival. What I loved about last summer, and am looking forward to again, is seeing my family so much. Usually, I’m pretty far away from family and this summer is going to be particularly special for us, as my brother and sister-in-law are expecting. I’m looking forward to singing on the stage with Christine Goerke and meeting all the newcomers. It’s always fun to experience the energy of a new group of people.

Photo: Karli Cadel

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