Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-073The Clark Sports Center held its first annual Race the Lake marathon on Saturday, June 14, and members of The Glimmerglass Festival were there to support the runners with a water station and chalk messages written across Highway 80. Though not running, Managing Director Linda Jackson and I quickly found that our role in the marathon required a bit of practice. As it turns out, handing full cups of water to marathon runners in motion is similar to passing off a baton in a relay race—it takes skill. We made up for major spills with plenty of cheering. Glimmerglass congratulates all the runners!

Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-076Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-072-220  Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-063-220Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-019Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-054-220  Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-070-220Glimmerglass-JessicaKray-Marathon-025

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