In this hilarious nod to The Barber of Seville and The Marriage of Figaro, the ghost of Marie Antoinette is upset about her untimely ending, so her favorite playwright, Beaumarchais, attempts to amuse her with a new work. He produces an opera within the opera starring Figaro, Count Almaviva and Susanna, who try to save the queen from her beheading in a fast-moving and tuneful production.

“It’s comic and serious, entertaining and erudite, silly and thoughtful, emotional and mysterious, harrowing and uplifting, intimate and over-the-top — and the more times you see it, the more you’ll find in it and the more you’ll get out of it. It helps to be an opera or history buff to get all of the references, reminiscences and send-ups, but it’s not necessary.”  – Richard S. Ginell, LA Times

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Presented in English with projected English text.

New co-production with Château de Versailles Spectacles

3 Hours

Show Boat

Join Cap'n Andy Hawks and his extended family on a journey of love and heartbreak.

La traviata

Follow the Parisian courtesan Violetta as she leaves a life of extravagance in one of most beloved works in the operatic canon.


This world-premiere opera centers on the hopes and fears of a young black couple as they raise a son in 21st-century America.


Yelena Dyachek, Marie Antoinette

Jonathan Bryan, Beaumarchais

Peter Morgan, King Louis XVI

Zachary Rioux, Marquis/Page

Kayla Siembieda, Susanna

Ben Schaefer, Figaro

Brian Wallin, Count Almaviva

Joanna Latini, Rosina

Katherine Maysek, Cherubino

Spencer Britten, Léon

Emily Misch, Florestine

Christian Sanders, Patrick Honoré Bégearss

Tucker Reed Breder, Wilhelm

Gretchen Krupp, Samira

Wm. Clay Thompson, Suleyman Pasha

Spencer Hamlin, Swordsman/Revolutionary

Tanyaradzwa A. Tawengwa, Pursuer/Revolutionary

Noragh Devlin, Woman in Hat/Duchess

Teresa Perotta, Gossip 1

Abigail Paschke, Gossip 2

Simran Claire, Gossip 3

Bryn Holdsworth, Ghost Quartet

Lindsay Metzger, Ghost Quartet

Maxwell Levy, Ghost Quartet

Christopher Carbin, Ghost Quartet

Charles H. Eaton, English Ambassador

Rachel Kay, Living Marie Antoinette/Dancer

Joshua Kring, Dancer

Jorrell Lawyer-Jefferson, Dancer

Jasmine Harris, Dancer

Artistic Team

Joseph Colaneri, Conductor

Kamna Gupta, Assistant Conductor

Jay Lesenger, Director

Russell Wustenberg, Assistant Director

Christopher Devlin, Principal Coach/Synthesizer

Dmitry Glivinskiy, Assistant Coach/Pit Pianist

Katherine Kozak, Chorus Master

Kathryn LaBouff, Diction Coach

James Noone, Set Designer

Nancy Leary, Costume Designer

Robert Wierzel, Lighting Designer

Eric Sean Fogel, Choreographer

Samantha M. Wootten, Hair & Makeup Designer

Kelley Rourke, Projected Titles

‡ member of the Young Artists Program
+member of Actors’ Equity Association